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Land on Twenty Mile Stream Road; Close to Okemo!

First time on Market – parcel has stone wall around 3 sides, private road along the 4th side. Just look across the road (paved) to see what may be a view. Power and phone on property, Approx 800 feet of frontage on 20 Mile Stream Road – Cavendish Vermont. 199,900.00

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The Vermont Institute for Contemporary Arts Is Coming To Chester, VT

Written by:  Joseph E. Milliken, 
Publish Notes: 

Valley Business Journal Chester, Vt. April, 2011

The Vermont Institute for Contemporary Arts Is Coming To Chester, VT
The Vermont Institute for Contemporary Arts Is Coming To Chester, VT

CHESTER, VT.-The Vermont Institute for Contemporary Arts(Vtica)in Chester was realized last year and is the creative dream of colleagues Robery Sarly and Abby Raeder, who have a vision to help breathe life into and enlighten the South Central Vermont arts community. “We have been living in Andover(near Chester)for over a decade and realized that somehow, something was missing from this part of the local Arts community,” Robert Sarly said in a recent interview. The center is currently being constructed at 15 Depot Street, and is currently targeting a summer “soft opening.”

Photos courtesy of Vtica

“Chester is simply essential New England… charming, with a town green and many quaint inns, restaurants, crafts and antique outlets, and great proximity to some of the finest foliage and skiing in New England,” Sarly said. “Also, all around the Chester area there are scores of brilliant artists who had come to inhabit the raw beauty of the Green Mountains and simply escape the maddening crowds.” The institute will offer exhibit space and a performance stage, as well as space for artist workshops and other support facilities to encourage and promote creativity.”Many local artists are indeed, a little like ourselves and having found God’s green acres and have settled down to creating spiritually meaningful interpretations of their lives… and ours. Created in stone, on canvas and fabric, in colors and textures that seduce the imagination and remind us of the deeper meanings of life that is all around us.”

One of the focuses of Vtica is to provide local artists the creative center to reawaken us with deeper meanings, and have assembled a wide circle of interested supporters including watercolor and acrylic artists and oil painters, sculptors and craftspeople, live performance artists, local business leaders, in keepers, restaurateurs and others. “These are the avant garde of the new creative economy that Vermont needs to stimulate a revitalization of not just art, but the broader business community as well,” Sarly said.

Another of Vtica’s focuses is to help bring people back in touch with the power and meaningful spirit of the creative imagination. “We all have this aspect buried within our hearts and souls, but it has sometimes been suppressed or forgotten in the business of our modern, materialistic life. Vtica offers us all a place to experience and learn how important the imagination can be to survive in modern life.”

Vtica will serve and assist artists and anyone interested in exploring new ideas, or to view the various works on display, see a scheduled performance or to seek available instruction. “The impact of Vtica will grow through networking with all people with an artistic sensibility, along with other galleries, museums and art schools,” Sarly concluded. “Especially those on the State of Vermont Arts Trail, that crosses through the middle of Vermont from New Hampshire to New York.

“In our own modest way, we intend to change the world for the better by bringing the creative imagination back to the heart of life experience. We will feature local, Vermont artists, but all artists will be welcome, and the cross-fertilization of contemporary art ideas and techniques from around the country and the world should make the Vtica even more exciting than a local art gallery or museum would otherwise.

“There are already many artists who satisfy the market for classic bucolic transcription; what Vtica is trying to support is more cutting edge. We intend to strengthen and make accessible the kind of artistic interests that are more reflective of the spiritual. This is a journey of self-discovery.” To learn more about the Vermont Institute for Contemporary Arts, visit their web site at

What You Should Know About Proposed Eliminations of the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Currently, the co-chairs of the bipartisan deficit committee have initiated proposals for the 2010 budget. The current budget includes the elimination or reduction of the home mortgage interest deduction. Presently, the goal of the report pertains to improving the countries current fiscal situation over the medium term. Furthermore, it aims to achieve long-term fiscal sustainability.

The original recommendations entailed savings of $208 billion over the next decade. On the other hand, recent revisions made by Democrat Erksine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson propose a zero option plan, which would eliminate tax credits for homeowners and businesses. In their revised draft, they projected cutting the deficit by $3.9 trillion by 2020. In addition, they proposed that by the year 2035 this would reduce the national percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) debt by 40%.

The current proposal indicates how the mortgage interest deduction is a nonessential. It further stipulates how other countries as Australia and Canada do not have it, yet people still buy homes. Furthermore, Simpson and Bowles assert that the mortgage interest deduction is part of tax expenditures considered unfair in draining the treasury. Therefore, they propose the elimination of all tax credits.

In the event that people do not want to accept their recommendations, they proffer a reduction. The aforementioned would include placing a limitation on the current mortgage interest deduction so that it would not exceed more than $500,000. Furthermore, homeowners could no longer apply it to a second home purchase.

Mortgage Interest Deductions Defined

Under Title 26, of U.S.C. § 16 3(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), homeowners are entitled to the mortgage interest deduction as long as they adhere to specific guidelines. These guidelines specify that a homeowner must itemize deductions. Additionally, the interest deducted may not surpass one million dollars.

Furthermore, the deductions may only involve the acquisition, construction, or comprehensive home improvement. On the other hand, despite a homeowners intended purpose or use, they may use up to $100,000 of their home equity.

Reasons Congress Should Continue Mortgage Interest Deduction

As illustrated above, the benefits of mortgage interest deductions are many. Ultimately, it provides a way for homeowners to reduce their taxable income in accordance with the interest paid on their home loan. Therefore, it serves as a huge benefit for those who own their own home.

Presently, more than ¾ of all homeowners utilize this deduction throughout their home ownership. Generally, most of the people who need it the most are the middle class. Ultimately, the reduction or elimination of the mortgage interest deduction would eliminate one of the largest buying incentives within the national housing policy.

In the end, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) asserts that removing such a deduction will affect the overall stability of the current economy and housing market. In addition, the tax policy director, Ryan Ellis with the Americans for Tax Reforms contends that any changes with the current mortgage interest deduction will lead to tax increases amounting to over one trillion dollars in 10 years.

In the Heart of Vermont ski Country

Right between Killington and Okemo ski resorts. Located just off VAST (Snowmobile Trails) there are possibilities for direct access to the trails the building features a heated garage which would be a perfect place to store and work on your sleds. It is also equidistant to echo lake and Woodard reservoir and just down the road from the Coolidge historical sites, Long Trail brewery, and the village of Woodstock this is the perfect location for year round vacation or daily life! There are 4 bedrooms, 4 large bathrooms, and an updated kitchen. Each room has individually controlled thermostat, and a propane fireplace. The building is very energy efficient! Owner financing available – this is not a drive-by – Priced to sell!  $229,900.00